Thursday, September 30, 2010

Woops, it's been over a week!

Life has been barrelling along and I'm just trying to hang on. ;)

*Finally had a goodish morning yesterday, at least for the 16yo. Not so much for dd, and I don't think ds did any work, other than reading.
*I have not sat down to figure out lessons I can show the little one. It is starting to show that she has been very dependent on her sister to direct the way. She doesn't know what to do with herself a lot of the time. Although, part of that is sleep-dependent: if she did not sleep enough the night before, she is very dependent and not self-directed the next day--until she naps. ;)
*I need to remember to preview work before giving it to dd and to show her things or to tell her what new things are there. We're having the same issue as in the past where she thinks she ought to *know* all kinds of stuff already and beats herself up for "being behind".  :'( I don't know how to help her past this. Of course, it doesn't help that she did not manage to fight off whatever we were fighting off and has a full-fledged cold now. Makes her sensitive.

Other-wise ;) :
*ds is now 10!
*the 16yo is really showing some increased maturity. It's fascinating to see this development and change in him. He's not the same kid he was 2 years ago. Even his anxiety--he spent nearly 10 years of his life with anxiety, at a level that made normal functioning harder. I'm not sure what happened, but last year was a major growth year for him in that respect, and it's still continuing this year.
*I feel like I just have to hang on and can't really stop to plan for something different, read, etc. My poor inbox this week... Part of feeling like I can do nothing more than hang on is that I'm not using my time wisely and I am becoming more aware of it, which is good, because then I can do something about it. :)

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