Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How's the week going so far?

Well, it's Wednesday, I think. Yes. My inability to remember the day may indicate something. ;)

Dd and ds are fighting off something, so is the 16yo, and me, too. This makes for minds that aren't attaching well to any work, minds that aren't processing well. I need to make sure we eat better to help our immune systems!

Except for the 16yo, we went to a session held by our school board yesterday. Dd got to see a bit what it would be like if she did the online/virtual version offered. I asked her what she thought about it, if it's something she'd like to try. Kind of. "So, not really, then?" What appeals to her is HAVING to get work done. She recognizes that some of her skills are spotty because she hasn't worked consistently in some areas, but she also recognizes that she avoids those things because of how she feels about her spotty skills. She wants to *have to* do certain work--but she'd prefer I be the one to make her. :) So, with our health being so-so at the moment, I will start requiring certain work from her, not too much, and we'll gradually add to it. I think part of the requirements will be to get at least 3 fruit/high vitamin C servings each day! ;)

On the inner preparation note, I am admitting to myself once again that I am *too* flexible when it comes to changing things and I need to learn to set some limits. I used to have limits; they were very clear. And while the 16yo's work habits have always been not very good, dd's were. If I stuck to limits more, I think the 16yo's would be better, as would ds's.

Speaking of ds... Wow, the things a kid can learn in a few days on dinosaurs, more than I have learned in a lifetime on them! He's been pretty much playing and reading dinosaur books for days now and not much else. He has all kinds of information that he just randomly pours out. He saw yesterday about a project fair and some pictures on projects and he has said he'd like to do a project on dinosaurs. He's definitely got enough interest! I think I'll buy him a display board and he can do a display project--and if he decides to participate in the project fair, great, but if not, at least he'll have this wonderful piece of work to show off. :)

Today is get work done in the morning and then French class in the afternoon. I had some thoughts about things to do for the French class, so I'd better go get them down in writing so I know what I'm doing later on.

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