Sunday, September 5, 2010

High school education and more

So, on Friday, Joe asked my dd, "Are you going to do your diploma?" She said she might, that it would be a good goal to work towards. (Wow, the changes that happen in these kids! There has been a whole shift in her thinking this past year.) I said maybe not, but I'd explain later.

What kind of parent says that a diploma isn't a good goal to work towards? lol

I brought it up with her last night to explain what I meant, that where we live, the diploma Joe is talking about is the provincial diploma, given by the government, and I explained how homeschoolers in the US do their diplomas and transcripts and all that, and that some people here are starting to do that and we could do the same. No real interest until she found out that to get the provincial diploma, she'd have to do their social studies. Ick. lol. This led to discussing various things and she said if we did our own social studies, then we could study interesting things, like Genghis Khan. "You want to study Genghis Khan?" "Yeah!" He is part of a book she's reading right now. "Well, how about you get started on that this week for your social studies work?" "Okay!" So, there we go, now she's got an area to explore this week for that subject area.

I also said to her that she really could get started on some of the work now, most likely. Honestly, she pretty much followed along with what was the mid-level grade 10 English program last year and was fine. (There are 3 options per grade, here.) She's technically only grade 8, but why not push her when she wants to be pushed? She also said she wants to do tests and exams. Crazy kid. lol. I think it's because she's feeling more confident, wants to see how much she remembers, things like that. So, things to add to the plans for the year.

More thoughts: I also had the thought that if I looked at the Ambleside Online curriculum (Charlotte Mason), that would be another way to get her moving further with her studies with some challenging literature. Truly, simply following the program offered in schools here will not bring her as far as I think Ambleside would. So, maybe what I should be doing is starting with the high school stuff, then moving to Ambleside. ;)

I'm finally starting to feel like things are falling into place well to start this school year. Good--we're starting on Tuesday. :D I did work out a plan last night (yes, I even plan Saturday evenings) of what she should work on during the week in each subject area. Here is what I have:

GERMAN: This *I* have to do. One expression/phrase/useful sentence per day. And just try to remember to use it with them!
FRENCH: Every day; work in new workbook or do other French work (grammar, reading, writing)
MATH: Life of Fred every day, aim for at least 45 minutes per day
SCIENCE: at least twice this week; **I actually have to figure out what to guide her into, she wants to do human biology and while so many sources say to start with botany, I think she will want to toss science aside if she has to go the botany route first; I need to see what would be a good human biology topic to get going on
SOCIAL STUDIES: Genghis Khan--if she needs guiding questions: Where was he from? What do we know of his early life? What did he want to do? What did he accomplish? How did he do it? What were the effects of what he did?
ENGLISH: Get started with highest grade 10 work OR a literature choice from Charlotte Mason. Other options: spelling, grammar, free writing, etc.
ART: At least once this week, preferably an afternoon or away from others if in the morning!; start working on grade 7 art book--first assignment is collage from unusual materials (cool--I'm sure others may want to get in on this!)
MUSIC: Review theory notes. (We still don't have the new keyboard. :( ) Practice drills to make sure fingers stay curved when playing. After that, whatever you want.
RELIGION: Faith and Life--either with me and her brother, or she can move ahead faster (we're still on the grade 3 book!); the Bible is always available--Gospels, Psalms or Proverbs good places to start private reading
HEALTH: Track fruit and veggie consumption.
PHYS. ED.: something daily, even if it's just 10 minutes of stretching! (she's going to be doing indoor soccer and ballet, both for the first time)

That's enough for this Sunday morning!

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