Monday, April 23, 2012

Ask and you shall receive!

My last post, I said about how we were in a rough streak and I wanted out. Well, I think we've got out. lol.

Things have just sort of fallen into place this weekend. I spent more time in prayer and everything after that just unfolded in a marvellous way. I have work set up for both my kids--not just plans, like I'd been doing all year, but the actual work, which means I don't have to figure out how to prep stuff during the week.

Ds (11yo) is much more open to working than in the past, but he doesn't want workbooks and things like that. He wants me to show him stuff, to give him questions, etc. I think I have to find some of my materials (which my 14yo didn't really take a liking to--she's more a workbook type of child! likes things to be closed and settled, not too open) and look at making some more. So far today, he's done some copywork (I took quotes from Superfudge--awesome book for interesting copywork for an 11yo :D) and I showed him the Multiplication Checkerboard. I know he liked it even if he didn't say it. I can read his interest and involvement, even if he tries to play it up that he's not that interested in it.

I told him I'd like him to work on a project about a Canadian province. He said, "No thanks." LOL. I said I had more in mind looking at the animals of the province. Oh, that works. I've since thought I'm just going to start a lapbook project about animals of Canada, with sections from the different provinces and territories. I used to do this, start projects on my own that I would like the kids to do and they pretty much always got involved, too. I've sat down and got a folder out, have a mental idea of what I'm looking for and now at the computer to find images and information! If I can get a model done, that would be extremely helpful and motivating to him. He's *never* done anything like this, he's been very unschooled up until now.

All right, must find some animal pictures!

Friday, April 20, 2012

How to get over slow periods

I don't actually have an answer to this, so if you do, please share. :D

We have been going through a "slow period" for weeks now. Spring break was very, very needed and very, very enjoyed, but getting back into things has been very hard. The 17yo is way behind, I have done almost no prep stuff for my kids... I somehow have to pull it all back together, despite the resistance!

This week was going to be the week. But my energy levels were low, as were the kids. It's hard to get yourself going with work--especially dreaded work in the case of the 17yo--when your overall energy is low to begin with.

I have a weekend ahead of me with nothing major going on (well, except for working on taxes). I have not sat down in a long time and really worked out a vision, planned, prepped... I think it's overdue. And how many times have I said I need to journal, that when I journal, everything falls together? Must journal!