Thursday, August 14, 2014

School Starts Soon. *Gulp*

It was brought to my attention today that it is August 14. My husband will be back at school for preliminary stuff in 2 weeks. School officially starts in 17 days. I am not ready. Good thing I have 2.5 weeks left, but 2.5 weeks can go by very quickly!

My main issue is I don't actually have a real plan for the year, and I don't even have a plan for the first week, so I don't know about resources, activities, etc. I guess I need to get cracking on that. I did, however, go through my den closet the other day and discovered I have probably 10-20 unused notebooks of various sizes, 10-20 used notebooks that are still usable, possibly over 1000 sheets of lined looseleaf paper and a dozen binders. Add to that the overflowing jars of pencils and pens and I think we're set for basic supplies. ;)

Are you ready for school?