Sunday, October 20, 2013

I just have to laugh!

I was reading an article the other day and I started doubting my move to a more Charlotte Mason-style approach with my 13yo son, especially since he's been starting to not like doing some of the readings. I wondered about what to do: Should I just read orally the ones he doesn't like? Do I need to make sure to have more research/interests-oriented exploration tied in with the readings? Do I need to just go back to mostly unschooling him? What do free schools do with kids who would just play on electronics all day, every day, for years on end? (And what would he do in a school like Sudbury Valley? Actually, he'd probably make a friend who was more adventurous in his interests and get motivated that way.)

I had the thought come of working with him to figure out what to do. So, I asked him, "If I let you choose whatever you wanted to do for school work, what would you do?" He sat there a couple of seconds and then said, "Whatever you give me to do."



So, I will venture forth with what we've been doing and try to incorporate more things we haven't been doing, like nature study.