Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School starts TOMORROW

I'm not ready! LOL.

I've been so busy this past while and not sleeping enough, I just don't feel ready. I'm thinking, though, the best thing to do is have the day as a prep day. "Joe" (he homeschools with us) will get here in the morning. There are a lot of physical changes around here, new items, so that will all be gone through first, and chatter, chatter, chatter. Then we can get into talking about the work for this semester, schedules, goals, etc. The primary goal will be to get our minds organized enough to really get going with some school work Thursday morning. For this week, work will just be in the mornings (laughing at myself--"this week" means 2 days haha), and next week, we'll move into afternoons, too.

We used to do that, have the entire day as school time, well, almost entire day, and it was good. I recall having our afternoons start off with some silent reading, then we did writing workshop or maybe we all did some spelling activity together, etc. Morning was very academic focused and the afternoons more relaxed, but it was still all school time. It's going to take a conscious effort on my part to restore that. I'm just as bad as the kids in wanting to stay in the comfort of an already established routine! Got to push past the comfort zone this time.

New blog!

Welcome! :) I'll talk about a lot of stuff here: homeschooling, homeschooling styles, esp. Montessori, running a dayhome while homeschooling and just general life stuff. :)