Friday, April 20, 2012

How to get over slow periods

I don't actually have an answer to this, so if you do, please share. :D

We have been going through a "slow period" for weeks now. Spring break was very, very needed and very, very enjoyed, but getting back into things has been very hard. The 17yo is way behind, I have done almost no prep stuff for my kids... I somehow have to pull it all back together, despite the resistance!

This week was going to be the week. But my energy levels were low, as were the kids. It's hard to get yourself going with work--especially dreaded work in the case of the 17yo--when your overall energy is low to begin with.

I have a weekend ahead of me with nothing major going on (well, except for working on taxes). I have not sat down in a long time and really worked out a vision, planned, prepped... I think it's overdue. And how many times have I said I need to journal, that when I journal, everything falls together? Must journal!

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