Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Friday night--and I'm planning


I was watching tv with the family, but I caused a neck spasm earlier and I just can't take sitting in those seats anymore and there's really no other comfortable option. So here I am, thinking about next week's plans. Ah, it's not the first time I've done some planning on a Friday evening and certainly won't be the last!

My mind is actually on the littlest one (3 in 3 months). Tuesday will be her first day here where her sister will only come after school. It will also be our first actual day of school, since we ended up spending so much time this week chatting and planning and figuring things out.

The first thing I thought of was to go through the first period practical life lessons, which I will do shortly. But then my brain switched to: Are my shelves suitable for her. With our new arrangement in the house, there is more room for the materials and they are better seen, BUT there may still be too much stuff. Since the 5yo is only going to be here after school (and she is going to be TIRED after a full day of school) and on PD days, there is probably a bunch of stuff I could put away where I still have easy access to use with her now and then, which would open things up to have at least one section of shelves be aimed solely at the 2yo. So, something to tackle this weekend.

So, now for some practical life thinking/planning.

(according to Gettman--one of the "must have" books if you have a 3-6yo, imho)

Things she's already done:
*pouring beans between two jugs
*opening and closing containers
*buttoning (I meant to leave my one sweater out for her to button more)
*velcro fasteners (and she's very precise--they have to be on just right!)
*plastic snaps on doll clothing
*lacing (albeit "crazy" lacing and every which way, but she can do the lacing ;) )
*saying Please and Thank You
*wiping up spills
*wiping the window (she could use another more specific presentation)
*going up and down stairs--although she has to do the "two-step" method since she's so little still!

Not yet done:
*carrying and laying floor mats (we haven't used floor mats in ages; it would be good to start)
*carrying a tray
*lifting, carrying and putting down a chair (they've always been kind of pushed or slid around)
*sitting down on and getting up from a chair at a table--obviously she's done this, but I've never really paid attention to how she does it at the little table; at the big table, it is, of course, climb onto the chair--our big challenge now is to get her to actually SIT rather than spin around all over the place ;D
*walking on the line--I need a line. I can't actually stick a line down anywhere, so I'll have to figure out something for this that is distinctive, yet movable.
*hanging clothes on a hook: we don't have hooks, but I'm sure she'd be able to do this; she's actually wanting to put coats on hangers--she doesn't have it yet
*brushing hair

This not done list is great stuff to do with her. I could also check some other places, like Shu Chen Jenny's online albums, or maybe Montessori World or there's a blog I have in mind and I can't think of the name, but it's full of lessons! I know she's done some other stuff that Gettman doesn't specifically cover, like spooning beans from one bowl to another.

Well, I'm no longer comfortable here. I think it's time for me to lay down in bed and let this neck relax.

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