Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 Years

Dd and I were talking about dorm rooms for some reason, which led to her asking about the college she wants to go to and what their rooms are like, which then led to her exclaiming, "I'm going to college in *5* years." 5 years. She'll be there 5 years from now. OMG.

That means in the next 5 years, we need to make sure she continues with her art studies, possibly finding professional lessons somewhere at some point. In addition to a portfolio, the college wants the provincial high school diploma "or equivalent" with a 60% average on 4 of the grade 12 subjects.

I'll have to do some chatting with them within the next couple of years. She is grade 8 now, our high school starts in grade 10. Does equivalent to them mean a homeschool parent-provided diploma? I don't know. If there is something we need to do, or a way I can encourage them to see "or equivalent" in something other than a provincial diploma, or find out what sort of courses from an accredited distance learning university in the province would have her count as a transfer student.

Of course, this also has me thinking again about her high school plans. And even just this year's plans. We've kind of slacked the past couple of years. While we're having a hard time getting going this year, I still am determined to have her work in all the typical academic areas REGULARLY. It'll happen. 'Cuz I'm going to make it happen. ;D

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