Saturday, September 11, 2010


Not sure what to report about the last two days. There was something I had wanted to write about after Thursday, and I can't remember what. Maybe if I just babble a bit, it'll come back to me. ;)

My 5yo niece was at school, so that left 2yo niece. I pulled out some things for her, but I can't remember how well that went. What was I doing with the olders? Not sure. Hm. I know one thing I placed on the little table for her was water pouring and I showed her how to do it. She loved it. Unfortunately, I put a cloth placemat under, which meant she couldn't see if she'd spilled water and then wipe it up. Ah well.

I do remember by the end of the day, she had gotten very antsy. I need to remember to direct her to more practical life activities and such. She very much wanted to play with her sister--who was going to be coming after school, along with her brother.

Her sister, btw, is loving school so far, but why not? It's a small group at the moment and it's all centre time, outside time, snack time, story time and rest time. I did find out something yesterday that kind of concerned me: these kindergarteners are allowed to leave the classroom by themselves during story time to go to the bathroom. They simply take a pass and go. Now, the bathroom is not near the classroom. They have to go down the hall--almost to the exit doors on the playground side. Am I too influenced by society's fears on this one? I don't think so. Growing up, kindergarten classrooms either had bathrooms or you never, ever went to the bathroom by yourself. Any thoughts? I'd love to have people's feedback on this!

Other than that, yesterday ended up being a day off. We had a meeting in the morning, then we were going to go on a field trip to a science centre, but we got there and it was closed due to a water main break. Bah. We went to the movie store to rent a movie. Nothing we all wanted to watch. Not much as individuals we wanted to watch. Went to the convenience store to get a treat--the olders got slurpees, which were apparently not properly connected between the syrup and the ice. Two of the flavours were too watered down and had no flavour. They got dumped. Joe decided to just have grape because a quick taste test showed it did have flavour. Turned out it had too much syrup in the mix and he couldn't finish it. Bah.

But, the morning meeting: We found out that Joe would have to do all 3 levels of social studies. I don't know if it's going to be possible for him to do all the work he needs to for the provincial diploma AND be done by the end of next school year. I worked out some stuff last night and will have to talk to him on Monday.

Next week is going to be a difficult week in terms of establishing routines. Joe has a dentist appointment at 11:20 Tuesday morning for BRACES. He might not be fully functioning Wednesday. Wed. afternoon, I'm running a class in my home. Friday, Joe gets off as my niece and nephew have the day off school and we made arrangements to spend the day with the other cousins, who go to the same school and have the day off, and the grandparents, who are babysitting the other cousins for the day. I must, must, must have a determined focus and vision for the time we do have next week!!

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