Friday, September 3, 2010

The weekend is here!!!

Well, almost. I still have my nieces here, so I'm still technically working. But our school day is done. Not that we really did any schooling. lol. Actually, 12yodd asked where her new French workbook was and went through two sections of that this morning. I emailed the friend I went to the store with yesterday, just joking around that she should let her daughter know that dd had started--her daughter had also started completely on her own! Good workbook choice. :D

Joe and I talked over some possibilities, looked at credits and requirements for a diploma here (an OFFICIAL diploma, that is; I can give him a diploma, but it wouldn't be recognized her as a "real" diploma because it's not from the government) and it looks like he's going to go for it. With his science and math courses, and starting out in a lower sequence and moving his way up, most of the credits are used up anyhow. We're going to try to do our own thing for social studies for this year to show that he could handle the "official" grade 12 social studies and so he'll do just the grade 12 social studies for credits. He will do the required phys. ed. course, he's already got a job lined up, so that will give him 15 credits there over the next two years, and then one last required health course (easy peasy)  and there's his diploma. He really, really didn't want to get stuck doing all three years of the official social studies program here. I totally understand why.

And he should still be done by the end of next school year! Here we were originally thinking he'd need to do a 4th year if he wanted his diploma, but everything is really working well for him to get it, but mostly our way. Nice.

I'll work out a plan later and try to share here. I think I am going to have a specific list of subjects to cover each day, just to start off our year, and then each day, a list with some things to cover and then they ought to choose something to do within the subject areas. Although, with Joe, his work is pretty laid out and straight forward. Of course, none of this counts for the youngest. It's so important that I plan for her! And practise. I really ought to pull out Gettman, pick the presentations I would like to do with her and practise. (Yes, my American readers, that is correct spelling for us. (grin) )

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