Friday, September 3, 2010

School still not really started

We still have things to talk about, issues to deal with! Certain issues with certain people in our lives consume a lot of our time because we do need to deal with it all. It's very hard to move forward when you have certain things on your heart and mind.

Yesterday we did go to a playground for a bit with some friends and before that a local bookstore  where I picked up some French materials for my two. The trick will now be to make sure they actually do it. ;) And Joe and I have been talking more about the possibility of him doing his diploma. I think we'll spend some time this morning looking at it all, seeing what would have to be done. It may mean some changes to his program this year, because we may have to add social studies to the list of things to do.

The weekend is now pretty much here. I have to make sure to well plan next week and to not forget about the youngest and the Montessori things she could do. She's been having some fun with some huge fraction circle pieces I have--something I pulled off the shelves and brought to the kitchen table. I have to keep remembering to make the things more visible and she will use them. It will be interesting to see what she chooses to do without her older sister around. Which reminds me: I need to start a journal for the year. Write down my thoughts and observations every night. It makes such a difference! I highly recommend it!

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