Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas is coming--do you feel it?

With winter here, the desire to hibernate, not do anything, or just play video games, has hit. But I don't consider those reasonable things to do, so I'm still plugging forward with my son (my daughter is pretty much in charge of her own work with the online program and altough she hasn't been doing school work the past week, she has been spending a lot of time in creative pursuits). It can feel like pulling teeth sometimes! I don't ask a whole lot, although I have been gently adding in more topics. This week, we've kept going with The Key to Algebra workbook he's been working on lately (just about done; I think it's the 3rd book), introduced him to essay writing, talked about levels of government and started looking at the history behind the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically looking briefly at how the American Revolution and the French Revolution led to what we have today.

Things seemed simpler when they were little, taking time to cover winter themes with stories and word searches and colouring pages, or just going out to play in the snow--my son would go just by himself even. Then add on making Christmas decorations out of salt dough and so much more. It's different now that they're older.

Christmas vacation officially starts in 9 days for us, but somehow, I'm just not feeling it. We have the tree up, some decorations up, I even had a Christmas party with my French class students last Thursday. But somehow... It's the first year we don't have an Advent calendar--kids decided they were too old. But maybe I'm not. ;) Maybe I'll pull out that Advent calendar and give myself some treats. ;)

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