Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Second Day of Khan Academy

My son and I watched another chemistry video yesterday. He balked at first. "21 minutes?!" (Apparently, that's a long time?) I said that if he were in school, class would be 40-50 minutes. He retorted, "But it's not a video." lol. I'm not sure I totally understood, but that's okay.

We watched the Introduction to the Atom. It covered some of the same information from the first video and went in a little deeper. The thing that hit my son the most was the end, when the instructor said that what we see as solid is really mostly empty space. It is mind-blowing, isn't it? Which means that if our eyes could see that "clearly", we would not see things as solid but see the empty space. Crazy.

When we finished, there was a thing about having earned so many points and signing up and this and that. Do any of you "do" the points? I looked it up. All it seems to be good for is earning badges, which, I guess, are supposed to make the kids feel proud of themselves or something? My son having grown up without rewards for the most part really has no interest in earning points and badges. Sees it as totally useless. lol. (Perhaps if there were some actual physical product gain... lol)

So, so far, so good with Khan Academy. If only my son found Canada: A People's History as interesting (or perhaps if Canada: A People's History were in only 20-minute snippets and not hours upon hours long...).

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