Friday, November 21, 2014

It can be hard to change!

I had been feeling for a bit, and my husband and I talked and he felt the same way, that we need more structure, more routine around here during the day and part of that routine needs to include the kids doing more around the house.

We started off the week great for that--and 3 days in... By today, it wasn't any different than last week.

Have you ever made a kind of big change to your daily routine in your homeschooling household? How did that change go? If you succeeded, what sort of tips do you have for those of us who seem to very quickly fall back to the old ways?

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  1. My husband and I are still reminding our 19 year old to clean up after himself, so can't claim great success with our household chores routines. But there is one routine that we established without hassle when the kids were in their early teens: each child does their own laundry. This is less efficient than if we all took turns doing the family's laundry, but the beauty of our system is that it requires no policing. Running out of clean clothes prompts the kids to get around to doing their washing, so I don't have to. I do sometimes remind them to change their towel or their sheets but mostly these get done at reasonable intervals, as washing their clothes reminds the kids that they should wash their towel and sheets too. Good luck with your new routines! Let us know how it goes.