Sunday, December 14, 2014

One Week Before Christmas Holidays!

Is our Christmas shopping done? Not even close.

Is the house decorated? Sort of.

Is the tree up? Yes.

Is the baking started? Nope. (Addendum: Yes! I started this post, later asked the kids what they felt would add to the Christmas feel around the house and my daughter said, "We don't have any Christmas baking." I made Rice Krispie squares and some shortbread--and even bought Christmas candies and such and a poinsettia. Definitely more of a Christmas feel on that level of the house.)

How about you? How ready are you for Christmas?

My husband and I made a major purchase for a Christmas gift for the family. It's all hiding down in the basement in the storage area. Other than that... We haven't really decided about specific gifts for the kids--except that we won't buy them clothes this year, we'll give them money so they can pick their own (although I think we should give our son a certificate that says it's for clothes because otherwise, the money will go into his wallet and he'll NEVER go shopping).

This last week of "school" before Christmas is hopefully going to be focused a bit on getting the kids to do their shopping for Grandma and Grandpa and us and each other. We have a Christmas party Monday afternoon but after that, everything is pretty much open. I don't even have to pick my nieces and nephew up from school. I would still like some sort of "school" to get done, especially since not a whole lot has been getting done, but that can be a morning thing, we can eat lunch, and then off we go to the store(s). We can get more Christmas baking done, too, and perhaps even fit in something just completely fun. :)

At what point do you quit school work for Christmas holidays?

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