Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Is Coming--Do You Feel It? Part 2

There is a local radio host that I love listening to. Something about her is just fantastic. :) Yesterday, as I was driving my daughter to work, this radio host was on and talking about Santa calls that were going to take place and how people could email in with the information for th eir child so that Santa could give them a call.

The radio host has been saying that she hasn't really felt in the Christmas spirit this year (isn't that what I said the other day about myself?) but one email she got is helping her feel it. It was from a mom who shared that her son was sooooo very excited about Santa Claus this year, just incredibly excited, and he would love to get a call from Santa. He had written a letter, got excited seeing him at the mall and just so many other things. Her son, however, is 23 years old. (Does that not bring an immediate smile to your face?) He is mentally handicapped and when the mom was on the phone with the host just after she shared about the email, listeners found out that he is mentally like a 7- or 8-year old. Not only that but he is wheelchair bound, perhaps not a paraplegic, but close. He was able to somehow get himself onto a computer, into YouTube and finding Santa videos. lol (I'm smiling while writing this!) There was one video where it was like Santa was talking to the son and the son kept responding, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

It then came out (oh boy, the tears are starting and I haven't even gotten the words out) that the son is in stage 3 kidney failure. The host told the mom that she had $100 to give away yesterday and she was giving it to the son. Not only that, but the $100 that was supposed to be given away today was also going to Christopher. The mom, as it turned out, had been saving up all year to get something special her son wanted for Christmas, even going so far as selling baked goods to have the money, so she just started crying on the phone (on air) when she was told this. Other people called in, at least two donating $100 each and another woman, someone who works somehow or other with the disabled and thought it was so great this mom had kept her son with her instead of putting him in an institution to be cared for, donated $200. Other people who wanted to donate were told to drop into the radio station with their donation and let them know it was for the son.

I am going to that radio station today. I shared the story with my husband last night, not even mentioning yet my intention of giving them a little something, and he, too, felt we should give them something. I am going to talk to my kids about it today, once they are up, to see if they would like to add anything to what I'll be giving.

What about you and your family? Is there something special you will be doing for someone else or a specific charity this Christmas?

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