Monday, December 15, 2014

How Do You Keep Your Family Active? Especially Your Teens?

We had our outing to the mall and the amusment park in the mall today. My son--who does pretty much no physical activity--complained after only a couple of hours (and a decent amount of that sitting) that his feet were tired and sore.

When he was younger, it was easier: he was always on the go. He played soccer and with the dog and after school with his cousin outside. He was on soccer teams until it got too frustrating around the age of 10/11 (community leagues--it seemed every team was 90% players who had never played on a team before). He built things in the snow and ran around and during summer, was constantly out on a scooter or bike or something.

Now... He goes up and down the stairs and walks different places in the house.

It's been at least a couple of years that we've discussed what sort of regular physical activity he can do. The last thing he tried 2-3 years back was parkour which he did for 3 sessions. He seemed to want to go back when he was bigger and could go with the older group, but he seems to have lost interest in that. There is nothing else that has really interested him. I brought up today that he needs to do more exercise, he agreed, but still had no idea what to do other than he would like to go back to soccer, but not if he's going to be on a team where players don't know what they're doing (and he doesn't want to be in the competitive league).

What do your kids do if they aren't on teams or in lessons? Or do we just need to pick something and just make him do it? lol

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