Thursday, December 18, 2014

*sigh* My old blog gets more hits than this one

My old blog was doing very well, getting lots of hits. But I ran into a "life snag" that meant that continuing it--and having someone in particular reading it--was potentially a safety issue but just also one in which this person could create stories about me to other homeschoolers. Given how homeschooling "communities" function and part of my income has everything to do with the homeschooling community, I felt I had to walk away.

I finally figured out today which account that blog was tied with (and a particular blog I was actually looking to post in after 2 years away) and have seen the stats: That blog gets more daily hits than this one. Still. After 4 years of not posting on it. *sigh*

Truth be told, there is a LOT of Montessori-for-the-young-and-early-elementary child on there; much more search-worthy than this one. But still, it's frustrating. And I don't particularly want to advertise this one too much because the nature of the person in question is such that her finding out about this blog could reignite her desire to try to connect with me--or just mess with my life.

Ah well, such is life.


  1. I'm sure hits on this blog will gradually increase over time. You have a lovely writing style, making your blog relaxing and interesting to read. There's always something I can relate to that gets me thinking. I'm no longer homeschooling (my kids are both in tertiary study now) but still enjoy following your blog :)

    Lisia | Learning Life