Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up--January 24, 2015

We'll see if I can remember to write another post next week with the same subject line, but there is a part of me interested in starting this as a regular feature.

This week's Wrap-Up:

*New things: 

My 14-year old son has changed his mind about learning Lua and has started working on something called Unity (which he seems to think is still Lua, but my research would indicate otherwise). There is a great section to learn how to script in Unity with guided projects and tutorial. He's doing the Roll-a-Ball tutorial right now, having made it through the "Moving the Camera" video on Thursday. It's not as fun as he thought it would be, but I told him that the early stuff isn't necessarily fun--it's once you have enough knowledge to make your ow things, then it really gets fun. My job with this is to make sure he does it a few times a week.

*Old things:

Social studies for the 14-year old: We're continuing our studies in the Canadian government by starting a lapbook. That was yesterday's little bit of work in that area--picking a colour for the lapbook and then me trying to figure out the sections he'll have to put in it. Earlier in the week, I had found a link through the Government of Canada website with information on how the government works and another link that gave some of the history of the development of government in Canada.

Social studies for the 17-year old: She is working on her third unit, but for whatever reason, she didn't manage to finish it by last night. She has one assignment to do and a review quiz--she has to get it done today because she decided she was only going to take one week per unit and I had to make sure she got it done on the Saturday if she didn't finish earlier. There is also an assignment from earlier this week that I haven't sent in. (Her credit courses are all distance learning/online.)

Math (14-year old): He's still working on (pre)algebra. This week, is what the distributive property and introduction to factoring. He's just started doing things like "factor 5x^2y - 10xy -15xy^2". He hasn't asked this week why he has to do this kind of stuff, which is good. He did keep forgetting to close parentheses and I told him it was an important habit--that in programming, if you forget to close something, it can mess everything up. Perhaps that connection with something "interesting" and useful helped.

Science (14-year old): A look at the periodic table families and I can't remember what else. I've decided for now to just mainly base myself on the textbook.

Art (17-year old): She actually touched her art course this week. I need to sit with her and have us figure out what she has actually finished and get that stuff sent in. She won't have to do all of the assignments from scratch if she can submit early ones, do well on them and then other work she's done--like the Doctor Who painting and some other things she's done on her own or as part of an art class she's taking.

French (14-year old): I had him do a little grammar sheet and he also started writing a paragraph about why video games don't make kids violent, although he might have actually written that in English. I can't remember. Really, it's a recap of what somebody else said, which I'm fine with because it's like narration--I'm fine with him doing narration at this point if he's not capable of coming up with his own ideas!

I was trying to get my son to do more physical activity; not sure I accomplished that goal this week. I think I need to put together a chart that he fills in; it would be a way for him to talk to his dad about the things he's done during the week, too.

I am also still wondering where our copy of "The Hobbit" (the book) went. I haven't seen it since before we moved in October!

I'm going to throw this out as a challenge to you: What is your weekly wrap-up? If you post about it, come back here and share the link!

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