Friday, January 23, 2015

Just Another Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

All week, there has been an increasing feeling of us needing to do something different. I knew my daughter (17) wanted to try to finish up her social studies unit for the week, but other than that, I was thinking we could head out for a field trip or something.

Then pink eye started last night.

And I feel very blah today. Still in my pjs. I pretty much never stay in my pjs all day. Ever.

So, we're not going out. My daughter is still in her pjs; she doesn't feel like getting dressed and doing much either. She has been working intermittently on the social studies, though.

My son (14) would spend all day every day in pjs, so his still being in pjs doesn't count. He's not all with it himself, though: had to take a few seconds to figure out 9 divided by 3. lol

Well, and then there was me saying he could go for now (in terms of school work), that I'd read the French novel with him later. He was too... not lazy, just really lacking in decent energy today... to get himself up off the floor to go make himself a pizza for lunch. So, he flattened himself out on his stomach on the floor and headed very slowly down the stairs head first.

How could I not laugh seeing a 5'6" young man in pjs inching his way down the stairs in such a manner?

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  1. My son isn't near that tall, and he would totally do the same thing. I am picturing him quite a bit bigger slithering around. Yep. Totally realistic. And totally hilarious!!!