Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to Teach French to Homeschoolers? That Is the Question!

There is some discussion, actually fairly often some discussion, as to homeschooled students here learning French. Some parents struggle with the decision of putting their child into a French immersion program (French, math, science and social studies, at the very least, are taught in French, and usually also art and phys. ed.) instead of homeschooling because learning a second language is really important to them.

I teach a weekly class to homeschooled students, 2 hours per time, and while I enjoy it and I think the students do benefit, it's, at the same time, frustrating a bit because they can't make the kind of progress I would like to see them make.

If parents are willing to send their kids to school just for the French, does that mean they would also be willing to get their children on the computer 3 times a week? I'm not sure. But part of me is saying, "Hey, why not just put it out there and see what happens?"

Of course, I have to actually bring my mind back to the reality that we're starting school again tomorrow and I need to direct my kids appropriately before I start trying to tackle other people's kids' education!

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