Monday, January 26, 2015

Last week of January!

January has felt like a very. long. month. At the same time, I feel like, "Omg, it's already the end of January! What have we actually accomplished??"

So, let me actually take the time to look at that:

17-year old
*We finally got in her November physical education hours. Still have to do her December--and now her January--hours and send them in. Discovered that I lost the assignments she had started for her PE class. They're not due until June, technically, but still...
*She has finished 3 units (just about--just has to redo the review quiz) for social studies.
*She has done 1 art assignment (that we need to take a picture of and send in)
*Not school-wise: She has been to a massage and acupuncture session; has her second one tomorrow. She actually made it once to ballet class and will be there again tonight; she's been getting sick a lot this winter and has missed a lot of ballet classes. She had a private dance lesson last week to prepare her for a solo for a competition (well, festival). She's still working the same hours at a pizza place and practising driving.

14-year old
*He's starting to do some more physical activity. It helps that a little toy basketball hoop was set up in the basement. I need to get him doing more.
*He's still doing his weekly guitar lessons, but has been slacking a bit on the practising. I had a little chat with him about the fact that we're paying for the lessons, his teacher--whom he respects--has told him how much of a difference practising makes and he even made up his own schedule (at his teacher's request) and was following it very well until Christmas holidays hit.
*We didn't read at ALL from the French book this week.
*He finished reading Lone Survive, but doesn't have a follow-up book to read in English. I'm thinking of finding him another non-fiction survival story, maybe something easier. Into the Wild or Into Thin Air are two possibilities.
*Social Studies: We've dabbled in it more than in the past, focusing on government. Hopefully getting going with the lapbook on Canadian government this week.
*Science: We've dabbled with that, too. I need to be more specific with my plans and follow through! My "3 times this week" doesn't work. :P
*French: I got him to write a little response to a topic and he's done some grammar work. Definitely an area I have to be more intentional, more specific.

Bit-by-bit, though, he's doing more! Woot!

What about me? :)
*The pressure is on more to find a replacement income. Some searching online for different things, the idea of running an academy--one where homeschooling kids, and perhaps eventually the adults, can learn French--came to mind and I've been working increasingly on that.
*Reading hasn't been done so much...
*Morning routine of prayer and rotator cuff exercises and such is getting better.
*Doing Natalie Sisson's 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge (but posting to a different blog) and have been getting more blog posts done that way.
*Dealing with pink eye. :P

What about you? How has the homeschooling been going so far for 2015?

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