Friday, January 9, 2015

Learn French at Home--Hopefully Coming Soon!

I have been hit by an idea:

To create an online "academy" for families where students/children can learn French at their own pace.

My mind and even my body are excited by this idea. I don't know how it will all work yet, but I'm still very excited by the idea!

Essentially, here's how it'll be:

*Online lessons with written, video and/or audio components. So, not unlike typical software or other online programs.
*Printable materals--including Montessori-inspired materials--for families to print off and use at home. This, of course, would be something a bit more unique. And, naturally, answers provided for things that can be corrected by parents/students. Some assignments will be sent to me and I will correct and send back. Or perhaps that'll be part of different types of subscriptions--a basic subscription for the lowest price and other prices for different services/products available? (Yes, still thinking about this.)
*Scheduling guidelines for the order to do things in and the recommended timeframe for each unit.
*Online Skype/Blackboard Collaborate sessions for the conversational component (nope, haven't quite figured out how that'll work if there are all kinds of different levels...)
*Things there to meet both French as a Second Language outcomes here in the province as well as French Language Arts/Français outcomes (immersion and francophone students).

I have yet to know how to set things up to make everything work and if I can have it all in one place or if I'll have to have families sign up per level or what exactly. And I need to figure out which level I will start creating the lessons and materials for... And do I get things going at a reduced price to start with, even if everything isn't ready, and just keep adding materials as they are ready? (That might actually make the most sense... An introductory price as things get set up and organized. I still need to decide a level to start with.) All kinds of details to get worked out.

And while I say it's for homeschoolers, truly, anybody who wanted their kids to learn French on the side could sign up. Why not?

I wish I had the ability to snap my fingers and have it all in place right now. :) lol

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