Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Moments Like These

My 12-year old son is sitting on the couch, his trusty side-kick, our 13-year old orange tabby, by his side on the arm rest (in the sun, of course), reading "Bugs Britannica," a hefty book that kids would be woe to get as homework, but he's chosen it, and so it's "good."

I think of his 12-year old cousin who is undoubtedly sitting at a desk right now, and everything being in school entails.

I hear my 15-year old daughter in the shower. It's nearly 9 am. She is not a morning person, never has been, and her alarm clock is what has prompted her to be up at this time. If she were in school, she would have had to get up between 7-7:30, not 8:30-9. School times definitely don't match her internal clock. (And really, do they match most teens' internal clocks?)

It's moments like these that I really appreciate, am grateful, for not only the right to homeschool, but that we made that choice.

My son has repositioned himself. He's now laying propped up on the sofa, the cat behind him. Every now and then, he reaches back and pets the cat, who seems to be just as grateful that we are home with him and can give him some loving. (Homeschooling is good for our pets, too, it seems. ;) )

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