Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bugs, bugs, bugs

My 12yo was sitting next to me on the sofa last night as I looked through my Facebook newsfeed. One of the posts had to do with an insect and one thing led to another and we ended up spending a good 30-45 minutes looking through the Bugs of Alberta site and further research on select bugs led us to where they put the full classification of the bugs (very useful for those of you studying zoological classification!)

One thing we wanted information on and had a hard time finding was the meaning of Chlorochroa (Say's stink bug). I kept looking for Latin but it seems the roots are Greek. Chloro = green; chroa = colour. I thought that Latin names were, well, Latin? Can anybody provide some insight?

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  1. I may have found an answer to my question. The Bugs of Alberta site we were visiting last night had a generic "Latin name" line, but it seems that the scientific names for animals can be in Latin OR Greek, so it's just a little faux pas on their part to have the generic "Latin name" when not all scientific names are Latin!