Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday + herb garden update

It is Ash Wednesday today. As we are a Catholic family, the kids and I will be heading to Mass at 9 am to receive the ashes. If you have ever seen people walking around with ashes on their forehead, Ash Wednesday is likely the reason why. It's been a practice for centuries as a way to start off Lent. You can read more about that here.

Some links about Lent:

Living Lent

FREE Lenten Adventure - daily email with information and activities to guide your children through Lent

Message from the Pope for Lent 2013


A little update:

My son's little herb garden project is going well. We bought a mini greenhouse with peat pellets and some basil and parsley seeds. I can't remember which day we're on, but we so far have 2 sprouts! He has also been spending more time reading things other than comics, we're getting some math in here and there, Faith and Life in here and there... Still haven't figured out the social studies. But maybe that's okay at this point.

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