Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh my...

I went to the library today.

Decided to pick up a book I found on bugs: Bugs Britannica.

Once home, I picked it up as my nieces and nephew were getting ready to leave with their dad and I randomly opened to any page, just to see if I'd made an even remotely good pick (was in a rush at the library; the cover looked good :P ).

The first bug I come across... Well... I feel I just have to send you along to another page so that you can see what this bug is commonly known as. I don't really want to have such a word show up in my blog and get listed as an xxx site! lol

Here you go: the Priapulida.

We all got a huge laugh from it, especially when we got to the description in the book about the Roman god, Priapus.

Ah, the things you learn while homeschooling... lol

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