Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What to do, what to do...

As I think about the day before journalling, I have the laptop right here and figured I'd get some of my thoughts out on my blog.

I find myself once again trying to figure out what the "right" thing to do with my son is. Yes, yes, I tell people there is no single right thing and yet here I find myself! Maybe not so much finding *the* right thing, but figuring out what should absolutely not be done and what can be done instead.

He has largely been unschooled, I need to keep that in mind. Maybe I need to ask myself some questions:

*Why do I want him doing more now?
-I think Maria Montessori would be appalled at how I've directed his education.
-He is technically grade 6 and nowhere near that level in his ability to write nor his math knowledge.
-I worry about how this could be a problem for him later on--I would feel incredibly guilty. He has only 4 years left before high school courses . (Actually, this could be a point to talk to him about, that when he gets to high school, he has to know how to write well, has to know how to write about different things, has to be up-to-snuff in math. And how 4 years isn't a huge amount of time for learning all the intricacies of spelling, grammar and writing in general in both English and French. He is very insistent that he will become a paleontologist. If he doesn't, he is so very much into insects and marine life, that I really could see him going into zoological sciences of some sort. That means university. That means knowing the stuff, being able to read and write very well... High school courses are a must.)
-I feel like I have neglected his education rather than really unschooled him.
-I think he's old enough now to start applying himself in ways other than simply playing with his 3yo cousin!

*What do I want him to be doing more of?
-taking what he reads and turning it into oral or written narration--making use of what he reads rather than simply having it as information in his head

-For the reasons above: to help him later on be successful for what he wants to go into. He has all the potential to get into the sciences and do well--but he needs proper preparation. That's my job. Or rather, to provide him with the means to prepare himself.

*What doesn't work?
-Imposing things on him when he's tired, slightly under-the-weather, etc.
-When I don't inform him ahead of time of certain changes in expectations/limits.

*What does?
-Um... lol. We've had some days that work great, but why did they work? I'm not sure. I think it definitely works better when he and I get going before anybody's here.

Some thoughts to get me going.

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