Thursday, September 1, 2011

Interesting "second" day of school

First day of school was two days ago; today was the second. lol.

In any case, I've not had nearly enough sleep and my cognitive abilities are low today. lol. The 17yo is going to start tomorrow, after all, instead of today, which is probably a good thing. Dd did not sleep well and is still having coughing spells in the night, so she was not in school mode first thing. Ds got up I'm not sure when and proceeded to read the Action Bible we bought the other day. This is what he did until lunch time!

I still prepared my things and brought up work. Dd stopped reading at one point to eat and then decided to do work. She was feeling so off, she ended up in tears--before we'd even started any work. In the end, she picked math and worked for about 30 minutes on some review work, then switched to art. We found a fantastic book at Michaels last night:

She did this today following the instructions:

I think it's pretty neat. :D She then saw later in the book how this technique is used to make a landscape. Excellent stuff. This is just the sort of thing we've been looking for since I know nothing about art whatsoever.

By the time she was done that and things cleaned up, it was 11 and we were hungry. I know we're going to have to go until closer to noon for lunch with the 17yo here (otherwise he'll end up with 2 hours of work in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon!), but today, so be it.

We'll be heading out to a park day this afternoon and enjoying having the park more or less to ourselves. lol. This particular park is very popular and was full of people each time we went this summer, so it'll be nice to have something less chaotic.

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