Thursday, September 8, 2011


Do you know the acronym "KISS"?


That's what I've decided to do with my son. Keep It Simple. I will provide him with various things, read him various things, but the things that are my minimums from him--writing, math and grammar--are the only things I will require. I will add in Latin because he is interested in that; just have to find the site I had found that seemed useful and get going. (Still haven't found a French-based source that would be suitable for a child!) That and he keep himself busy in the mornings in a way that does not distract everybody!

He was much more agreeable yesterday and I let him know all I'm asking him to do and that seemed fine. I will have a talk with him at some point about his desire to be a paleontologist and what that means in terms of what he needs to be able to do and what would *he* like to do now to work towards being able to do that. I'll wait until he's finally well rested and in a positive mood. ;)

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