Monday, September 5, 2011

Tomorrow we REALLY get started!

Last Friday was supposed to be a school day with the 17yo. But since his school had messed up his registration, it meant making phone calls, waiting to be called back, finally going in with incorrect resources, getting the proper things, having his course selection corrected... But that took us until almost lunch. After lunch, we looked at things a bit, he spent WAY too much time on his laptop (that might be an issue I'll have to stay on top of), got a list done of things to do this weekend and that was it. Since his courses are online, we had to wait until their server was updated before we could see his English and Social Studies.

I checked yesterday: his social studies is still incorrect. *sigh*. In more way than one! That's okay, tomorrow he will be busy with sending emails to the other teachers, finding out the schedule for his math and science from them and just get going.

My two need to get going, too. Part of my list of things to do today is to get a plan done for the week. I thought I'd "think through my fingers" while half the family is still asleep (okay, more than half if you count the pets ;) ).

*I need to find out from her if she wants a daily list of things to accomplish, a list of things to accomplish over a couple of days or a list for the whole week and she works out when she gets it all done. [Oh, she got up while I was in the middle of composing this post and asked her: she would like a list for the week! I think I ought to offer her a grid that she can use to plan or track what she does. She does have an agenda that she's tracking her work in, but having it laid out visually can make a difference.]

*Math: Working on The Key to... Algebra series right now. (I think it's the algebra set.) Trying to refresh her memory of integers, then moving onto exponents. I'm 2nd guessing my original plan, even if I haven't looked at it in a while. I should have a look at it. [It looks now like I have to figure out the work for the week and give it to her all at once!]

*French: We have decided to scrap Les Misérables for right now. It is just too daunting of a book to start with. I had said that Jules Verne would be an easier one to start with, she knows we have L'Île mystérieuse, so we will read that, have her do some written work with it... I need to pre-read, though, and be prepared for vocabulary or allusion issues. For grammar, I had prepared a list of things for her to do, but I'm thinking I should just give her worksheets. She's big on feeling like she's getting things done right now, very concerned about not having done as much work as other kids who will be entering high school next year and the more she sees that she's accomplished, the better. I might pull out a paragraph to use as a CM-style dictation with her.

*German: this week's focus will be on the date and the kitchen! :D I'll pull out some index cards and she can make labelling cards/review cards.

*Science: She has her text and will work through it. She will have a little extra to do this week because we didn't have a school day on Friday. I think there may be an activity or 2 to do in the pages she would cover this week; I'll have to see. I will also keep making sure she narrates to me after she's done reading a section.

*Religion: I'll resume the morning Bible passage reading, but I'd like her to actually *do* something. Maybe I'll give her some options: Bible passages to read and then narrate/comment on in writing or art form OR work through a text we have, in English, unfortunately, and not French, called Path Through Catholicism. It is a text I used in university, but it is actually made as a US high school text. Since she's in grade 9 this year, she counts as US high school. :D I was looking at the Didache series' Introduction To Catholicism: A Complete Course, and while it looks fantastic, I already have a nice beginning resource I can use with her, so I think I'll take advantage of it. I also still have the Faith and Life series, from grades 3 to 8, and am still working through the grade 3 book with my son (yes, he's now in grade 6!) and she listens in. I'd like to speed up the Faith and Life with him so that we can actually finish the grade 6 book this year.

*Home Ec.: She said she wanted to do home ec., so, she'll do home ec.! :D I was going to have her follow our school board's online course, but it looks a little goofy, for somebody who really doesn't know much. However, they do have an interesting link in their hand sewing section... lol. She actually came up with a project last week that I said would fit into home ec.: create a recipe book with recipes she likes--our cookie recipe, banana bread, spaghetti, chili... I actually have many ripe bananas--I could also assign her to make some banana bread. :D

*Art: She is to do at least 2 hours a week following the painting book we got or whatever else she chooses. She is LOVING the new painting book (I think I linked it in my last post) and thinks it's fantastic. I would like to see if I can find other books by the same author for her--I know they have others, I just don't know if they would be useful for her or not. Michaels might have them; we'll have to go for a visit. (Oh no, always a dangerous thing to go to Michaels! hehe)

*Social Studies: I'm having a memory blank at the moment as I was rethinking my approach and now no longer know what I'm really doing. Will have to find notes and see what I'm doing.

*Phys. Ed./Health: She will have to choose three sessions a week; she can do whatever she likes and the sessions ought to last at least 30 minutes. Next week, her dance starts up again, so that will count for 2 days; I want her to aim for at least 3 a week for the month of September. Since she'll be doing PE for credit next year, and she wants this year to be like a "school student"--or online student, but without having to submit everything, I think I might give her an activity log and have her check in with the PE/Health website. There are some written assignments to do throughout the year.

I think that's everything for her. I will get this all together and then figure out ds's work for the week!

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