Sunday, March 22, 2015

I'm Not a Mean Mom After All

My son went to the previously talked about church-based youth activity, the one that he made clear, without saying it explicitly, that I was a mean mom. And he survived it. The talk and activities themselves turned out to not be so great--something his sister confirmed. She's been to several of these types of activities and was disappointed in yesterday's.

And yet...

When I asked him if it was so terrible, he said no, but that the only good part was hanging out with the other guys.

Which was my and his dad's whole point of making him go. :P

He had one friend there, who had a friend with him. A couple of other boys he knew, just not well, and some boys he probably never met before. The bunch stuck together as a group. The two he didn't know well are in my weekly French class, a class I've been threatening my son that I'll make him go sometime just so he could get to know those two better or at least to have more contact with other people. And every time I made mention that I might make him go sometime, he grumbled the way he grumbled about going to this youth activity.

Know what he said out of the blue yesterday, after saying that hanging out with the other guys was the only good part?

That he might like to actually go to French class sometime to hang out with those two.