Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 Sites for Math Worksheets for Pre-Algebra and Higher

I don't have the "local" math textbook this year for my son. We've mostly been using The Key to... series. He's been slogging through the inequalities section in one of the Algebra booklets and I just felt like he needed something different today, so I went online to look at a pdf version of the local text to see what else we might do. They do some circle geometry this year, but since he'd never done angles with parallel lines and transversals, I decided to do that with him today. But, unless I tried to find our geometry Key to... booklets and see if they had anything, I had nothing for him. I went online and quickly found something. I figured I might as well share it and two other sites I really like that can be very useful when you want to print off a quick worksheet in the higher grades.

First, there's http://www.mathworksheets4kids.com/index.html , the one I used today. They have everything from preschool up to pre-calculus or calculus (I'm not entirely sure what pre-calculus comprises).

One of my favourite sites which start with pre-algebra and goes up, plus they include geometry and trigonometry, is https://www.kutasoftware.com/ . While they do have software you can purchase, they also have a whole ton of great free worksheets.

Then there's Purple Math.com http://www.purplemath.com/. This site is excellent for the explanation of algebra topics.

Do you have any great online math worksheet resources for middle and high schoolers?

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