Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rough restart

This week, even though it's only Tuesday, has certainly not turned out as planned!

Sunday, I was hit with a stomach bug. I was unable to finish up my planning or even do much of anything.

Yesterday, doing a bit better, but my 11yo is sick with a cold, my 14yo is sick with a cold (and slept until almost 10am yesterday!), my 11yo nephew was with us because he was sick... The 17yo came for school, we managed to get all of his science done and some social studies review. My kids... 14yo worked on a sewing kit. That's about it. lol.

Today, I'm still not 100%, my 11yo is coughing worse--and more congested-sounding--than yesterday, nephew is here again, dd is still in bed...

So much for plans. ;)

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