Monday, January 16, 2012

Progress Report

Horrible. lol.

I gave my kids last week the week off, no expectations. Both were coughing lots, not feeling great, my son actually missed his parkour class (you know your child is really ill when...) and I was trying to get the 17yo to get through as much studying and work as he could.

So, I thought, great, a new week, a new beginning! Hm, not quite the beginning I had in mind. My daughter was away at camp this past weekend, where a girl came down with the stomach flu--and it has clearly spread to my daughter. No school work for her today, unless you want to call flushing the toilet after vomiting as a practical life activity. :( And learning that sipping a bit of Gatorade when you feel ready for liquids is good to re-establish your electrolytes. She had just a bit once she was feeling like she could keep something down and she said it made a huge difference in how she felt.

My son woke up looking very tired. He ended up laying down on the sofa for ages. And he's still got this pesky congested cough. He did end up doing a little bit of schooly stuff with his little cousin and ended up shovelling the walk, but also spent considerable time just lying around and not doing much. My niece was kind of like him all day: low energy, just lying around.

The 17yo had today as a final deadline for work. He got a bit more in, which will help with his mark, but he's facing the real possibility of having to retake the course! He wouldn't be able to do it this semester, so he'll have to wait until summer school or do it next year. I guess we'll have to get him through the last exam and wait for the marks to come back before we get too far ahead in our planning.

This means that for tomorrow, my list is already ready for my kids. ;) Hopefully we'll get out of this illness slump and into some learning!

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