Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking back on 2011 and ahead to 2012--part 2

I'm finding it hard to continue from where I left off the other day!

I know I was writing about my son and my goals and plans with him. So far, he has been largely unschooled, with a few things thrown in here and there. Figuring out how to "do" Montessori with him has always been hard. When my dd was much younger, she had a "study buddy" here and it worked so well. My son has never had that. And I've never figured out how to manage the wide range of age levels and personal needs.

In any case, for January, the focus will be on morning time is work time/school time/something. I will really have to be prepared, have plans in place, and the gumption to follow through on the plans. I will need to pray daily and journal daily if I want to be successful at this. (Just had a thought: I could set an alarm on my phone to remind me to journal each evening.) I will need to spend time daily writing out plans, preparing lessons. Facebook and other things aren't as important!

For my dd, it's a matter of getting back on track. We were doing well; just need to reclaim it. I found the Chemistry Manual from Montessoir R&D and can definitely use some of that with both kids. I *need* to read through it though. Days are running out before we are back in school mode. Although, next week is going to be a crazy week for the 17yo. I may skip lessons for my 2 for next week and then make a point to get going on the 16th. I can still plan things out, but there are some definite changes I want to make that might just have to wait until insane exam and finish-all-assignments week is done.

My main desire with my dd is for her to feel like she's accomplishing something, and to see her really grow in French writing. She wants to do a sort of online program for school next year and in part, it's because she wants someone to be telling her how she's doing. She doesn't feel like she does enough. Which usually turns into me giving her more and she rejects it. lol. We have her science text and I think I do need to take more time to be familiar with it, be able to discuss things with her, etc., come up with games and the like. Make it more interactive rather than just leaving her to do it all on her own. She likes doing things *with* me. :)

For my 4yo niece, I want to have covered all the Montessori basics for her age and abilities by the end of June. She will likely be heading to full-time kindergarten next year and is smart as a whip, so she deserves for me to spend more time showing her things, providing things for her to do.

Have I answered and reflected on my own questions? I'm not feeling fantastic today and very tired. I feel like there's more to say, but maybe another time.

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