Monday, October 4, 2010

Pretty Good Monday!

I had things so planned out and I was so determined, that while maybe not quite as much work was done by Joe as might have been "ideal", my determination must have been felt by him because there was no resistance and he had one of his best work days yet! It does help, in a sense, that he knows he's leaving on a trip, which means he'll be missing a lot of work. But he has been very cooperative, despite being tired. And I have been very determined, despite having the flu!

The two who have yet to finish their work are my two. And I'm going to insist that they do the minimum I laid out for them. We'll be getting to that in just a few moments.

There was something I wanted to share about toddlers... Oh yes, the simple joys. To be like children would give us so many more daily joys, wouldn't it? :) Today, the simple joy for her was that I gave her *2* dog biscuits to give to the dog instead of just one. It was a simple joy that put a certain smile on her face.

All right, dd is ready to work. Off I go!

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