Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The marvel of Montessori

I've known for sometime that I haven't really been "doing" Montessori with my son. So I decided to make a change.

He was resistant about a multiplication worksheet I gave him the other day. It really hit me that he, of both my kids, really would connect with the hands-on aspect even more. So, although I did have him do a French worksheet with me today and had him practise his cursive, I decided to pull out the multiplication bead board and do some with him that way. I have a homemade board that works reasonably well and although he wasn't ready enough to actually put the marbles on himself (he was too busy collecting a marble for each correct question he got, lol--his idea, not mine!), he actually said, "I like doing math more than practising handwriting." He was happy the entire time we did math. How I love Montessori! If I'm going to insist on work, I really ought to make it something he can connect with if I believe so much in Montessori, oughtn't I?

As an aside, here's my homemade multiplication bead board:

Not beautiful, but it works! I actually had a strong inclination today to look into how much it would cost to buy some nice materials, rather than just the homemade versions. Once I have a look at some prices, that idea may just go away. ;)


  1. One of the things I think is amazing is that by taking the writing out of it for my boys, they are able to still do so much mash and learn without the stress and sometimes tears of the writing piece.

  2. I think its beautiful, the bears are so inviting!!

  3. Thanks, Jessie! I may just stick with it. I was talking to dd about the possibility of buying the company-manufactured boards and she saw what the beads were like and her reaction was: "They'll get knocked all over the place." I've actually heard (read) a Montessori teacher say that happens. Still considering a cheap racks and tubes for division, though, since the tubes would make that material so much better.