Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wheat May Be Bad for Homeschooling

I've been doing a 3-week challenge over on Facebook during which time I cut out almost all wheat.

The challenge ended yesterday and I had bought Mini Wheats for my son, but decided I was going to indulge in some wheat today, especially with the challenge over.

But I feel like I've been in a fog most of the day.

I wanted to blame it on not having my usual morning routine this morning. Things just didn't happen the way I normally do them, largely because I rushed out early morning to do groceries before my teens were up. But this "fog" isn't lifting. It's not just being out of sorts. I can't even explain it. But I am reminded of many homeschooling mornings just feeling kind of out of it and not able to focus on what I had planned or just... not sure how to describe it. I'm now wondering if starting my day with wheat was part of it! A study was done sometime ago that showed the wheat could affect the blood flow to the frontal cortex, which would explain my problem with thinking today.


Does your family follow any special diet? I know many homeschoolers have put their kids on special diets for just general health or things like ADD. I'd also be very curious to hear from others about how wheat seems to have affected them!

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  1. One winter, we did an Advent fast from the Eastern Rite of the church - no meat, animal products (milk, cheese, etc.).... for FORTY days. (I did have yogurt because I don't do other cultured/fermented items and my gut needed the bacteria).

    The difference I felt NOT drinking *milk* was enormous! Night/day difference!

    Years ago I noticed abdominal issues with more over-processed breads (white bread) and I removed all of that. Of late, I have noticed the whole grains also causing some issues ---- but I do SO much better with sour-dough. When I have sour-dough (real sour-dough, the kind you grow on your counter for a few days and store in the fridge between uses), I have almost NO problems.

    Many whole grains are intended to be eaten to cleanse our systems - thus they pull out the bad stuff AND the good stuff. I notice whenever I eat grains, I am so hungry shortly after - as if I hadn't eaten anything at all. When I made the connection, that sealed it for me.