Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thoroughly Enjoying Spring Break!

I made a list last Sunday of all the things I could work on this week.

And almost none have been touched.

My husband and I talked about spending the day out with the kids somewhere.

We ended up staying home.

Our daughter has been going hard on a sewing project, that she has either finished or is just about finished--a large Toothless stuffed animal. We don't have a proper sewing space, so our dining room table has been taken up all week and we've eaten at the eat-in counter in a very relaxed manner.

We had gorgeous weather a couple of days ago, enjoyed being outside on the deck, my son had a 3-day sleepover at his cousins' where they, too enjoyed the sun (18C/64F in the shade).

Then April 1st hit and Mother Nature played a practical joke on us and hit us with a mini-blizzard and at least a few inches of snow and below-freezing temperatures.

But I'm still enjoying my spring break. :) It's nice to have a real break. It's been a bit like a stay-cation where we have mostly just relaxed, puttered about and enjoyed computer time and for me, even more reading time than normal.

Some school districts have two-week long spring breaks; I kind of wish we did. I know we still have the long weekend ahead of us, but I just feel like I could use a longer break, especially with winter having snuck back in a bit.

At some point, though, before the end of spring break, I will have to sit myself down and do some sort of planning for at least Tuesday.

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