Sunday, February 15, 2015

Learning through Fun and Games

I read an interesting article today about a grade 3 teacher who is taking advantage of technology in his classroom. The improvement in his students is truly something:

He makes use of the internet, websites, Nintendo DS games... Getting the kids engaged by having fun (one of our human needs and I think the faster our society gets, the more demanding it gets, the higher this need is becoming) while having them practise various skills and knowledge with a variety of resources, meeting kids at their level and allowing them to progress as they are able... Sounds a lot like Montessori if I just leave it at that.

Now, if I could get some funny YouTuber to do videos where he (it's all males my son watches and finds so funny) somehow gets my son learning other things and practising sills, then we'd really be talking! ;) Hm, that does have me thinking: Take this observation that my son likes watching funny things, how can I translate this into things he works on?

*crickets chirping*

May the ideas will come later.

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