Friday, February 6, 2015

Can I Go Back to Bed Now?

It's 10 am as I start writing this. I'd like to go back to bed, to be honest. I've been sick for the past two weeks, started getting more sleep and am finally starting to feel better and don't really feel sick, but I would like to go back to bed.

But I can't. I've got two teen girls (my daughter and her friend who slept over) who are counting on me to brave the snow and cold and get them to the mall so they can do some shopping before I pick them up again during lunch hour to then drop them off at a field trip.

Or I suppose I can't right now. Perhaps my plan should be to drop them off, come home and sleep. With an alarm set so I don't subconsciously fret that I'm sleeping too long and will sleep through when I'm supposed to pick them up. Even though my daytime naps tend to only be about 30 minutes or so.

The entire week has been one of me feeling like I'm not really getting anything done. And really, in a way, I haven't. I had started a blog challenge; haven't touched it since last weekend. I have my French academy to work on; haven't touched it since last weekend. That social studies lapbook that wasn't started last week still isn't started this week. The house, at least, is in decent shape. And some math and reading have been done.

It's hard to get things done when your thinking is muddled or just not focused. It didn't occur to me that it was tiredness getting in the way this morning when I had to restart the Apostles Creed 3 times when trying to have a morning rosary time. I would start and then suddenly realize I was thinking of something completely different. (To be fair to myself, I was laying down in bed before getting up. That doesn't help matters.) I don't even know if I actually accomplished it all the way through. lol. I decided I would try again later today when I could be more focused. But I think I need more sleep for that. (Should I be driving? lol. I think I'm fine in that regard. With the need to be focused, I'll be fine.)

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  1. When recovering - those power naps are a life saver!