Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Joy of Homeschooling #568: Taking a break when you want

My kids have essentially not done any work in a week, possibly more. Although, my son got a lesson in binary numbers last night, but that was quite impromptu ;), and my daughter was at a homeschool Christmas craft workshop yesterday and a CPR course on Monday. We've been spending lots of time relaxing, watching movies, enjoying electronics, some shopping and working on this 1000-piece puzzle:

It's doubtful that they'll get anything else done before Christmas break. But, hey, that's the joy of homeschooling: taking a break when you want! :D We've needed this break to restore ourselves a bit. My husband has been saying that kids at school (he's a teacher) have been pretty much ready for a break for a couple of weeks now. The teachers, too. I love that we have the flexibility to hibernate as we wish, go shopping while everybody else is at school and work, etc.

Today, the plan is to shop. Take advantage of the time we have so we can try to get our Christmas shopping done before the weekend hits and stores are completely insane. I am realizing I need to start getting Christmas goodies made, too...

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

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