Saturday, December 14, 2013

If You Love "Little House on the Prairie", You'll LOVE This!

OMG. I can not believe how excited I am about this find. It seems so silly, but I love Little House on the Prairie and every time I watch movies based in the 1800s, I feel like I was born in the wrong century (except for maybe hot showers and flush toilets...).

When I was a kid, I was completely enamoured with Little House on the Prairie. I watched the shows. I read the books (more than once). I started braiding my hair like them and developped a distinct fondness for blue because, well, blondes were supposed to wear blue according to the book. I wanted nightgowns, not pyjamas. I could go on.

Well, I found this company today, Jacob Bromwell. Perhaps you have heard of it, my American readers, but I, in the frozen prairie wasteland (lol), have not. Until today. It is a housewares company that makes old-fashioned items--by hand. They've been making items since 1819. (Just that gets me all giddy.) When I got to the main page and saw this

I just about squealed! (I'm turning 40 next year; aren't I too old to squeal?) Oh my, the inner child in love/obsessed with the series got so very excited. The items are pricey, but it's because they still make things the way they were made 150+ years ago. The tin cup is, naturally, a bestseller. (How can it not be?) Oh, I will be getting one of them sometime, I believe! My husband will think I'm crazy, but dang, it's an authentic tin cup! lol. (I know I'm ridiculous here...) If they had the tin plate, as well, I might well have fainted. ;) lol

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