Monday, March 18, 2013

Fun punctuation books!

Have you read this book yet?

If not, I highly recommend it! I read it years ago and found it to be just fantastic. I'm nit-picky with punctuation and it drives me crazy to see so many signs and ads in our city with serious errors! Even on TV... What was it that I saw the other day? I can't remember. But they didn't put a hyphen where it was needed so it didn't actually make sense! lol

At the library on Saturday, seeing what I could find on Canadian history, I stumbled across a couple of Lynne Truss's books--for kids. I gave them to my son to read today and he got a good chuckle. But it was also a very easy way of giving the lesson that punctuation matters!!

The first one for kids, all about commas:

The second one for kids, looking at different punctuations. (WARNING: There is a drawing with a king with his head cut off and some blood. It didn't faze my 12yo, but a sensitive younger child might have an issue with it! That said, I laughed more with this one than the first one!)

And the third one, which we haven't gotten our hands on yet, but it's all about apostrophes, something a large percentage of the adult population doesn't seem to know how to use properly!

You can click on any of the books and they will take you to Amazon where you can read some of the reviews and see if they sound like a good fit for your family. :)

I now have a hankering to reread the first "Eat, Shoots and Leaves"! :)

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