Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Sick Day

Okay, instead of letting myself moan and groan about how we're not getting anything done, let me find some positives about having yet another sick day (both kids are feeling worse than yesterday! :( ).

  • I can do more things that I want to do (like do blog posts, post in Yahoo Groups, surf the web, BBM chat, sit and do nothing, make banana bread...)
  • they can just relax and hopefully get better quicker
  • I'll be able to take a nap and not feel guilty about not being fully present to work with them/guide them
  • I can get some things done around the house before the weekend: vacuum, laundry, other cleaning
  • I might go do the groceries this afternoon rather than try to do it tomorrow when it'll be crazy
  • things are very calm and quiet
Well, I suppose I should try to make something of the day. Almost 11 am here and if I want to get some more of the above done, I'll have to get myself moving!

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