Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Focus Helps My Kids' Focus

My somewhat taking charge of things with my daughter yesterday has already had an impact. While I did have to wake her up because I had decided she was sleeping too late, after she got herself ready for the day, I saw her working away on her German course. Lately, she's been spending a lot of time just looking at things on her iPod, texting with a friend, etc., once she's been ready for the day. Today, nope.

With my son, while he is resisting a bit (he's so much a creature of habit, like I have said! routine, routine, routine--which means I need to take charge of what the routine is since the current routine is a block to his development), I did religion with him and we looked a bit through a book on history. I then said he should read the one book he got from the library. He doesn't want to. Which surprised me: the first book in the series, once he really started reading it, he read through it quickly. Well, he's not liking the second one as much for some reason. (I do wonder if he's actually even started, to be honest. lol) I told him I don't need him to read that book, but something other than comic books. Not sure if he's actually picked something or not; I'll have to check on that.

Next goal: Find that chemistry manual and figure out what I'm doing first with him for science!


On a completely different note, my other niece, the 7yo (in grade 2) was talking yesterday about how she had earned 2 gums. A reward scenario. I have been so long without the focus on rewards that it really hits me, this idea of giving kids something for having done something else! Why? I know why, but still. It's different saying, "Well, work needs to get done before we sit down to watch the movie." The movie is going to be watched; it's not a reward. It's just a matter of learning priorities. Getting gum for having done I can't remember what but clearly totally unrelated... *sigh* My Montessori heart is sad. lol

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