Friday, November 16, 2012

Avoiding Burnout!

Life has been super busy this past while. And then there's the stress of weather (snowstorm and bad roads and then changing--it can be a positive change, but it's still a stressor!) and illnesses and so on.

I can feel I'm heading toward burnout. And that's not good.

So, today, we are having a fun day. We are heading to the science centre and checking out a cool exhibit there. My 15yo is behind in her work, but neither of us really care at the moment. I won't be taking that next step in getting a good routine with my 12yo son, but I'm okay with that. If we end up burnt out, that will do more damage than taking a day off!

What do you do to avoid burnout?

1 comment:

  1. Lately focusing on simple things like doing art with kids. Also working through drawing with children. Trying to grow veggie patch, so also relax for me with kids!